Associate Professor
August 1984 - May 1990
Department of Computer Engineering.
Responsible for the instruction of graduate and undergraduate courses with emphasis in computer architecture, microprocessors, embedded system design and computer graphics. Also active in MS/PhD advising, grants pursue and research supervision. Very active in committee work, which included chair of the university's Honorary Degrees Committee.

Courses Taught:

         EEL 3703 Introduction to Computers

         EEL 4744 Introduction to Microcomputers

         EEL 4300 Electronics for Non-EEs

         EEL 4309 Electronics Laboratory

         EEL 4732 Switching Systems Design

         EEL 5715 Computer Hardware Design

         EEL 5741 Microprocessor Projects

         EEL 6799 16 & 32 Bit Microprocessors

         EEL 6971 Master Thesis

         EEL 6905 Graduate Independent Study

         EEL 7980 Doctoral Dissertation

Committee Participation:

         Computer Engineering Graduate Policies

         Computer Engineering Curriculum

         Equipment Acquisition

         Honorary Degrees Committee (Chairman)

         BS Computer Engineering Curriculum

         Graduate Advising

         Social Activities

         Overhead Utilization

         University Senate


         Principal Investigator
Engineering Support for IBM

         Principal Co-Investigator
Totally Solid-State Marine Climate Control System for MarineAir

         Principal Co-Investigator
Study on Thermal Printhead Life Extension for IBM