My dear viewers,

To the left is a letter I received from my first cousin Nicholas Karalekas, along with two pages below in photocopy form. I could not believe my eyes as to its content. I felt honored that I was the first person reading that letter. I translated it, as it appears below, and I leave the letter's historical analysis and significance to the experts. The following note was written at the bottom of the second page:

Dr. George Kostopoulos

Brothers, we are all of one house, we are all children of the Great Spirit. We walk on the same road, we drink from the same fountain, and now we will burn up on the same grate.

When first the white people put foot on our land, they were starving, they did not even have a place to lay their bed, neither light a fire. They were sick, not able to do anything. Our fathers have suffered from them, although the Great Spirit protects its children, to which he has granted his blessings. Brothers, the white people are the same as sneaky snakes - when they are cold, they are sick and harmless. When they are warmed up, they strike against their benefactors.

Many years ago when the earth was not yet born - nor the sun had risen or set - everything was chaos. The Great Spirit created everything. Gave the white people land beyond the great waters. Filled this land with animals and gave it to its red children, and to protect it, strength and bravery bestowed in them.

Brothers, my people are brave and in large number, but the white people are stronger to the point of defeating us individually. I want you to join us in a war against them.

If we enter into a treaty, we will turn the great waters into river of blood.

Brothers, the white people wan to make us enemies of each other, along with disastrous winds and unfavorable waters.

Brothers, the Great Spirit is against our enemies. Thunderbolts, and the earth will eat up cities and will drink the great river. The great waters will flood their fields - leaving them with no land - and the Great Spirit will save those who will run toward the mountains lifting them from the earth.

Brothers, let us enter into a treaty among ourselves, and let us fight our enemies to defend each other, but also for the Great Spirit to love us. It will make all its children happy.

J. Johnston

Bow. College May 5th 1821.

Translated in 1988 by Dr. George Kostopoulos.