REVIEW A must-read for cybersecurity professionals, October 8, 2012
By Nick (Washington, DC Metro)

Dr. Kostopoulos' book was a wonderful read on Cybersecurity and it should be on the bookshelf of EVERY current or aspiring security professional.

There is such a vast amount of information available in the text, everything from wireless security and secure information systems to the soft science considerations of creating a culture of security. Material that is not typically included in other cybersecurity texts, such as the guidelines for development as a CIO, was included and was very insightful. The material is presented in a very easily understood manner, and is appropriate even for a non-technical reader. The author has done a wonderful job of breaking down technical concepts that could lead to organizational vulnerabilities and explains them in an easy to understand manner. I found it helpful that there were exercises included to reinforce knowledge.

This is a book that could not have been published at a more critical time. I will certainly be keeping this book right beside my desk for future use and will be recommending it to everyone in my professional circle.

Nicholas Andersen, Chief Security Officer (CSO), Cyber Security Forum Initiative