A career of digital engineering practice mainly in defense systems with applications in:

Security Clearance: SECRET
Fire Control Systems
Engineering Training
Project Administration

Digital Signal Processing
Phased Array Antennas
Automatic Target Detection
Acquisition Systems

Low Light Level
Missile Guidance
Radar Systems
Sonar Systems

Engineering Positions
Consultant on Educational and Technology Projects Dubai, UAE, 2007-2008
Information Technology Consultant Synergy International, Inc., Athens, Greece 1993-1995
Seminar Lecturer Agricultural Bank of Greece, Kastri, Greece, 1994
Engineering Consultant Racal-Milgo, Inc., Plantation, Florida, 1985
Senior Principal Engineer Honeywell. Inc. West Covina, California, 1974-1975
Senior Engineer Raytheon Company, Goleta, California, 1973-1974
Principal Scientist Textron Corp. Dalmo-Victor, Belmont, California, 1973
Staff Engineer Singer-Librascope, Glendale, California 1972-1973
Engineering Consultant Systems Consultants, Inc. 1966-1972
Electronics Engineer Maxson Electronics Corp. Great River, NY, 1964-1966
Electronics Engineer Blass Antenna Electronics Corp. NY, NY, 1962-1964